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Roe Racing 5 PSI Black Anodized Supercharger System
Reviews Views Date of last review
2 16598 6-9-2006
Recommended By Average Price Average Rating
100% of reviewers $7,650.00 7.5

Description: Black anodized case Supercharger System fits 1996-2002 GTS models and 1997-2002 RT/10's. Adds 120 Horsepower to stock engines with a 40% gain in low end torque.
Keywords: 5 PSI Black Anodized Supercharger System

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John Myrick

Registered: March 2003
Posts: 115
Review Date: 10-9-2003 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $7,500.00 | Rating: 8 

Pros: Very noticeable gain in power at every engine speed, instant boost, lower cost option for supercharging, can be a do-it-yourself project
Cons: no intercooler, so boost and therefore max power is limited, non-stock appearance

Instant boost, no lag at all. It just drives like a huge 700 cubic inch motor. Bypass plumbing rubs and damages hood insulator pad. Available in polished finish also. Can't hear the blower whine over my Belanger exhaust, so others typically do not know that there is a supercharger under the hood until they see it.
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Camel Farmer

Registered: July 2003
Location: Communist New Jersey and Thailand
Posts: 9841
Review Date: 6-9-2006 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $7,800.00 | Rating: 7 

Pros: Good bang for buck/Streetable/low noise
Cons: Instructions need a lot of help, PCM might need changed

Running 8 Lb pulley and street driven and has a lot of power. Instructions missing a lot of detail in my opinion, had to change my stock PCM out that I did not anticipate pre sale, damaged my hood pad too (no warning even in instructions) and a few glitches along the way. Saying it takes a day on Roe's website to install the SC and over the phone when even the largest volume installer in the world of Roe blowers, Tators Dodge says 10-12 hours their time and that is after he put 100+ SC's on cars is misleading time wise. If you change the injector harness, thermostat and drill the crank, plan on two full days or maybe a hair more to install the SC unless you are using air tools and work fast as can be and I have pulled and built approximately 7 engines to date. Drives very nice once it is tuned in with lots of useable power and a slight whistle that most people do not notice but I can say it is like an extra 200 HP across the board and it is drivable HP too. Would I buy again for my car knowing what I know now-yes, I would. Sean gave me some support over the phone-I would go to Sean for straight answers over his employees and I am not trying to flame here as again I would buy the Roe SC again. I purchased the powder coating and it came back really nice and matches my car. If you are close to Tator Dodge, they did a few things not in the instructions that made the SC work a lot better without even touching the programming and it wasn't like I didn't follow the instructions. I'm a bit limited on power with this SC, but I knew that in advance and bang for the buck, this $7,500 included the VEC 2 to play with and I never had any issues with that and Sean took time over the phone to go over fuel and timing curve when I called him after hours with a smile on his face and that is good business. I put the 172 stat in with the SC and after burping all the air out (GRRR a lot of pain in the [email protected]@ doing that) car runs cool, is reliable, lots of power with a slight loss of MPG (go figure-lol) but the power makes all the problems pale. I'll give it a 7 from a comprehensive point but if the directions were fixed up with more details and a few corrections, additions and rewritten I truly would have no problems giving this a solid 9 out of a 10. If you were to pay Tators or a competent experienced installer that has done a lot of these before and knows the tricks (many not addressed in instructions) to install it and not deal with the instructions, bang for the buck it gets damn close to a 10 out of 10.

2007 SRT10. TT, 1117 RWHP on pump. 8.92 @ 151 MPH
2005 Viper, Vert, DLM SE #27/50, 10 Rib Paxton, full build, upgraded innercooler, 950 RWHP on pump in 99 degree heat!
2000 Viper GTS, 10 LB Roe+GG heads/intake+Solid Roller, WM, T&D's, Tom's 40mm
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