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If this double posts my appologies in advance. I got into it with this idiot (Wiseguy) over on the vette forum. It's pretty entertaining. I thought some of you guys might get a kick out of what this dumb ass had to say. This was not a vette viper thing... Just this guy being an ignorant bastard. /images/graemlins/ar15firing.gifI had fun shooting him down. Wiseguy Arguement
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Good God,
If ignorance is bliss, he is the happiest human on earth. 2fast4u, I am a member of mensa and I read an article stating that you cannot communicate with someone period if there is 25-30 pts IQ difference between you. Um, well, do the math...let's see...carry the one..Yes, He's on the level of some of the most highly advanced anaerobic bacteria found on earth. Nice post.
2fast, I had read that entire post before you posted here. The guy was a moron..."completely stock"? "yes, that's right", "what are those after burners doing on a stock car"?
"well just a couple of mods, but not to the internals..." :rolleyes:

You made him look really bad. Damn, I knew the Z06 was quick, but do they really throw done 12.20's with a half ass driver? My best is still a 12.21 @118. Can't seem to do better... /images/graemlins/cry.gif
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Um, well, do the math...let's see...carry the one..Yes, He's on the level of some of the most highly advanced anaerobic bacteria found on earth.
LOL, yeah Wiseguy's profile says he's 21 but he acts younger than that. That dumb bastard still thinks I was trying to compare the viper to a vette. The sad thing is he looks like a jack ass and doesnt know it.
I get SOOOO sick of those jerkoffs trying to say that the ZO6 is in the same class as the Viper. It's just not! BTW I'd shit myself if I saw a stock Vette run an 11! Makaha, I'm in MENSA also, or at least I was. I quit paying the $40/year, or whatever the dues are. I just took the test to say I did.
I took the test because a friend did. Misery loves company I suppose. A stock vette can run 11's (well, according to his definition). See, it's all relative I suppose. LOL, you guys are a riot.
I think baseball bats were originaly created for people like Wiseguy and a few choice others. Unfortunatly someone came up with the idea of hitting a ball instead.
Here in KC, we are at about 1000 feet. I've seen many Z06s run. The best I have seen on a stocker is 12.4. Best stocker Viper I've seen run is 12.2.

I had the opportunity to run my buddies SRT-10 with my stock 02 Z06. I came out the victor this time but I do believe he has the advantage. I am a pretty good driver. At the performance level of these cars, it takes a good driver to exploit the full potential of the car. With equal driving skills, I think he would have pulled me.

I think I was faster in my GTS than in my Z06.
btw 2FAST4U, we do not appreciate the corvette board style signatures here in the Alley. Please remove it.
You don't appreciate my sig pic eh? Well I don't appreciate your bitch ass way of telling me you don't appreciate my sig pic!! :repuke: I have no problem removing my sig pic(personally I think they add a little color to the situation) but maybe you could have been a little more tasteful in informing me. You see I would have emailed the guy with the unacceptable sig pic and I would have started out with a "hello, and welcome to our forum. Just to let you know, we do not allow sig pics." I think the last thing I would do is tell him on the board on his post. But that's your bitch ass style so roll with it. I feel so welcome. :pissed:
Um, did someone say something about sig pics? 2fast, I think he was joking.
Hey Gary,

I must apologize for -RUNNR...He's a bit of a vigilante, a rebel of sorts, but is really a nice guy and fellow Viper owner...Allow me to make up for his less than warm welcome...

Welcome to Viper Alley.../images/graemlins/flipa.gif NOW FUCK OFF AND STOP WHINING! /images/graemlins/flipa.gif

/images/graemlins/supergrin.gif Gerald /images/graemlins/supergrin.gif
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Now that's more like it MOTHERFUCKER!!! :fist: :fist: :lolcry: :lolcry: :lolcry:
Ya'll are lucky... I was gonna write a formal complaint... /images/graemlins/laughing.gif
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Postive and negative criticism alike are welcome...Please post all complaints here >>> [color:"blue"][email protected][/color]
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