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The NSCA American Super Car Challenge (ASC) is coming back to Maryland. The will be at Maryland International Raceway in Budds Creek MD the weekend of July 31st.

The ASC is pure heads-up racing in Vette v. Viper fashion until we run out of one of them.

Time trials/qualifications on Saturday morning and eliminations to held in the later afternoon

Racing is done in four classes
11.50 and slower
10.50 to 11.50
9.50 to 10.50
and Unlimited

Hope to beat (...ummm see) ya there :smooch:
Full rules for the classes and payout information at

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i look forward to showing off my license plates...they look real damn cool from behind as alotta vette will find out next week.

Jerry (blue Z06) i got you on the list /images/graemlins/toothy
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