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I have a 99 GTS, with the corsa exhaust. I was wondering if it would be worth it to make a custom X-pipe? Do you get any more horsepower or any greater exhaust sound?

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I think GTS Dean has an X pipe, I'm not sure.. (Maybe I'm thinking of GTX exhaust tips) I know it's been done though - I believe the SRT has an X pipe for deeper, throatier sound.
no extra power. sound might differ but not more power.
I have a 3" X-pipe, if you want to go that route. PM me.
I don't think the x-pipe will do anything for a rear-exit exhaust, although I know somebody around here has one cause I remember the pics.

Its done on side-pipe cars so you can hear all 10 cyllanders. If you've ever been on track and heard a side-pipe car go by it sounds very odd (even from the driver's seat). The SRT-10 added the x-pipe to sound better.
Too far back to help power, but it will definitely improve the tone.

An x-pipe will aid in power if it is right after the headers, but on a viper, thats a pretty tough thing to accomplish.
I do like the sound on mine.
I think my X-Pipe made a big difference, helped the sound a lot and cut down on deceleration "popping". I was running straights from the cats back and added the X-Pipe, I like it much better. No SOTP gain, no gain at all in power just much better exhaust tone and smoother decel. :twocents:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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