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Wooo! The truck is about to leave Woodhouse!

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So today is a very good day for me! I worked with Bill P at Woodhouse, and I've got a 2002 Red GTS on a truck about leave enroute to my house!

I can't wait until that snake shows up!
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Welcome aboard!

Is it a new car? Or a recent trade in with them. I thought I saw that he had a couple brand new '02s still hiding out in the barn :rofl:
It's used, has something like 2300 miles on it as well as some upgrades.

3" Corsa Catback, Smooth tubes, and eradispeed rotors. I don't know how long it's been there, but it's not there anymore! /images/graemlins/thumbs2
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Oh, I put some of the pictures from their website up in my photo gallery so you can see it.

And it's got the BBS LM wheels too.
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