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Woodhouse Dodge

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This thread is for feedback concerning Woodhouse Dodge in Omaha, Nebraska.

Please try to keep posts to factual information only.

Customer's Vendor Reviews and Rating should be posted at the Woodhouse Review:
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I purchased a new 2000 Dodge Viper RT/10 from Bill Pemberton and Woodhouse. At the same time a good friend also purchased a matching car.

Both purchases went extremely well and I couldnt say enough great things about Bill and the Woodhouse team.

If you are in the market for a new or used Viper; you should call Bill first!
Buying parts from Nancy Shanno is easy, with prompt, courteous response and fair pricing. Trackside support by Rick Maxwell is top-notch. :thumb:

Highly Recommended. :nod:
Bill P. has extensive knowledge of Vipers. Why? Because he races them. He is an authority for those of you that track your Viper. Customer Service - A+.
The Woodhouse crew, from Bill, Nancy, and even Bob all were super on my purchase last year. My car had extensive modifications done on it before I even picked it up and my original parts were sent to my home. Bill got his reputation by being very good & straightforward & can give excellent advice before & after the sale. He loves Vipers. Nancy got me all the parts I ordered and the Viper Techs did a great job of installing then to my satisfaction. I met Bob Woodhouse for 30 seconds while he was on the phone and 9 months later remembered me in great detail from the short time that I had met him. Woodhouse also gives back the their local community and also the Viper community at large.

I would not hesitate a second in buying my next viper from Woodhouse. /images/graemlins/yay.gif
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im in the process of buying a viper from bill and so far can only say great things about him. Very knowledgable,straight shooting,honest and easy to talk to.

I will update this thread in a week or so when the deal is finalized. but im sure it will only get better.
Yes! I bought mine from Bill Pemberton at Woodhouse. Excellent deal, service, and the easiest auto purchase I have ever made. When it comes time to look for another Viper, you can bet I'll be calling Bill.
i bought my second (wish both) viper from Bill @woodhouse great guy and honest, am i going to buy again from woodhouse! yes and always yes, when you feel what i felt when i dealt with Bill you will know what i mean /images/graemlins/smile.gif and woodhous viper's are always in top condition, they don’t buy you any viper they really look for car history, storage ,etc so they can make sure its in perfect condition or the best /images/graemlins/smile.gif Mbn
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im soooo glad to hear this stuff a week before I go to NE to pick mine up.
I cant believe how good of a time it was buying a 98 viper from bill P. at woodhouse. what a pleasure doing business with him and bob woodhouse. The price was right, the service was better.

everything was just as it was said and better. they even thru in a free new cover,mats,& window tinting.

THUMBS UP to Bill Pemberton and Bob Woodhouse.
Bill is a nice guy - your viper will show up as descriped to a "T"
Bought my Hemi Ram QC from Woodhouse and could have not had a better experience. I will be purchasing my next Viper from Bill P. without a doubt.

Highly recommend. :thumb: :thumb:
whatever mopar I buy from now on it will be done the same way....thru woodhouse.

the drive home from NE to NJ wasnt bad either.
I bought my 2001 RT/10 from Bill in Feb of 02. Very knowledgeable and no pressure. Just a guy who loves Vipers and wants to see everyone have one.
My dad was buying a 2002 Jeep Cherokee here in my home town and he got what he thought was his best price. I called Bill and asked if he had the specific one my dad was looking for....he said he had 6 of them and to send my dad up to see him. It was a 2 1/2 hour drive (one way) , but he came back with a new Jeep and the price was $1,500 less than here. Well worth the drive I'd say! /images/graemlins/headbang.gif
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SUN RA KAT and Plumcrazy reassured me about Woodhouse, and all the great posts here did too, so I purchased a used 2000 GTS with 9200 miles from Woodhouse. It should be here about Friday, and I can barely take the wait. Thanks to everyone for their insights and contacting me when I emailed folks, especially SUN RA KAT and Plumcrazy. Bill Pemberton was good and reliable on the phone, and let's hope the Viper will be a real cherry, but I suspect it will be fine. ;-) Great community thus far!

Gary from New Jersey
Just about everybody knows my opinions of Woodhouse, but in case you missed them:

In the spring of 1999 I decided to buy a Viper. I called several well-known dealerships, including some that advertised regularly in the Dupont Registry. Many treated me like a second-class citizen at best. No return phone calls, terrible pricing, and just generally insulting. My local dealer was referred to me by AutoByTel who claimed the best pricing available. The local dealership also was a turd and wanted to charge me sticker at the end of the model year for a car they couldn't even get. I finally posted a "help!" on the Viper boards and one of the replies I got was from this guy "Bill Pemberton" in Nebraska.

Well, I bought my very first Viper from Woodhouse and didn't hesitate to pull the trigger with them again when it came time to order my SRT-10. Bill is a fantastic guy and Bob Woodhouse will simply amaze you: He is just a "regular guy" who just happens to be a killer Viper driver and owner of a not-so-small automotive empire. If there was ever a person you wanted as your next-door neighbor, Bob is the one. That he happens to have one of the most successful Viper dealerships in the world is a bonus.


PS. Besides Chrysler, Dodge, & Jeep, they also sell Ford (one of the largest Ford dealerships in the country), Lincoln, & Nissans in case you are looking at those brands...
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BAD68GTO, how was the viper when ya got it? Im betting better than expected.
:thumb:Well, I'm sorry it took so long to reply. Woodhouse was honorable with the transaction. The 2000 GTS had 9100 miles and came with a few MINOR glitches (all used cars have little things-and yes I am a nit pick!), and Woodhouse made it right. Happy with them and would recommend them to others!

I would like to know if anyone has 355/30ZR18's on the back of their Viper. This has 335ZR30/18 on it now on HRE rims, and the rims are a bit wider than stock, and want to see if I can put 355's on there next time I replace them. Any news? Thanks to SunRaKat and PlumCrazy for your help over the phone! Will be looking to join the NJ Viper club as soon as I get time to pick up the phone and ial-lol. Busy selling and fixing computers over here, so things are a bit hectic. /images/graemlins/gr_driving3.gif /images/graemlins/headbang.gif
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I will be puchasing an SRT from Bill either late this year or early next. I have only had a few brief conversations with him up to this point but am satisfied that he will treat me well. :cheers:
Heard nothing but good. They don't seem to have any GTS's right now though. Atleast not listed on the web.
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