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For a 2001 RT/10, can anyone tell me the part number for the plastic trim piece where the front of the removable top inserts into the window frame?

My dealership has ordered TONS of replacement parts (I'm building up quite a stockpile), but it's never the right one -- even after walking them out to the car and pointing to it (or rather, the lack of it, and it's mirror-image companion on the driver's side). It blew off the car while I was racing a motorcycle last March, and I've been trying to get a replacement ever since.

(Normally it would have stayed inside the vehicle because the sun visor passes through it, but I removed my visors a long time ago -- never use 'em, they flop down in front of you at even moderate highway speeds, and they look silly when the top is off.)

I looked in my service manual, but it isn't identified separately, as far as I could tell.
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