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Why is the Clutch pedal higher than the brake pedal ?

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Why are Viper clutch pedal's higher than the brake pedal ...Makes no sense to me :werd: .


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SUN RA KAT said:
It's so weak girly-men can operate it.

Get the Sean Roe clutch pedal adjustment and put all your pedals the same height.
Ldy had had that put in tthe car.

Phucked me all up when I drive the car after it was put in :pissed:!!!!
Ldy didn't like the staggered pedals.

When I got the car back I was like what the Phuck is this!!!!!!

Just takes time getting used to it when you are used to driving it the other way.
KenH said:
Nightstalker, why don't you like it? I have one laying around in my garage that I was going to put in over Thanksgiving (only had it for a year now). Curious now if there is a downside. Does it make the clutch stiffer?

Ldy likes it because it makes the pedals the same length. It makes it easier for her to drive the car. That's the only reason we put that part on the car.

I liked the pedals in the staggered position the way the car came factory.

Personal choice I guess.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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