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Why do intakes give more throaty of a sound?

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I was assuming it was because most of the intakes out there that utilize a cone filter was made out of aluminum and had a bend to it. When the air would get sucked into it, I thought that is what was making the sound - the air rushing along the aluminum along the bend.

I just bought chrome tubes for my stock airbox, and it does not make any difference to the sound.

Is it actually the cone filters and the way they draw air in, what creates the sound?

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The filter elements and the entire set up is less restrictive, so you're gonna hear those throttle bodies sucking air alot easier.
The open cone filter setups don't have an ABS plastic box muffling the sound, much the same way a muffler "muffles" the sound of your exhaust. The sounds of induction pulses don't reflect multiple times within the enclosed space of an airbox and therefore have a higher dB level outside/inside the car. I want this effect for my car, but I've heard it's best to just go with high-flow filters and smooth tubes. You may want to check into a delete of the anti-resonance chamber that is a part of the stock airboxes on some Vipers. I'm getting ready to post some questions about that myself, if I don't find enough info using the search.
What is this "throat" you people speak of?
Oops, I searched for Apr 7 and something from the wrong year turned up and didn't realize it...sorry.
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