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Who was looking for pics of...

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An AutoForm rear spoiler install...These are all I have, but you get the jist...

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snakebitten , fine pics, mine are the same...just wondering. Have you found your trunk prop rod to puncture the seat which it rests on when it's propped open? Has the extra weight caused the rod to damage the prop seat?
Nope...But I do have two of the SnakeOyl trunklid shocks to install...I got two because I didn't think one would hold the lid up, with the extra weight...
let me know when you clean it is, the result, etc. I thought that would be a good idea, but i havent posted a thread on it yet.
G, one is definetly not enough. Over a short period of time they get pretty lazy.
John...Is that you? Why, where have you been???
This spoiler is not as heavy as the MoPar, and the prop rod should be sufficient. We put mylar on the back fenders ,so that the rubber pad won't rub, and that is a great solution. Nice sutle wing, and we have had great luck with them.
....pssssst should make a motion to ban Snake Bitten... for posting a picture with a chebbie in it....

..and it's a mid-70's "disco vette" to boot! AAACCKKKK!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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