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Who has a rollbar?

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Who has a rollbar here? Thinking about getting the autoform one then I saw the way the rear filler panel is butchered and I havent seen too many good looking installs. Also have heard that the mounting point on the rear hoop for the 5th point on the NHRA legal ones somtimes cuts into the seat cuasing the drivers side to tear. Ive seen some BTR ones installed nicely though.
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i dont have a bar yet, i was waiting for the GTG, or maybe making my way down to houston so i can see some in person. i dont like the idea of cutting some of my interior for the install, but at the same time, better than no rollbar at all. i heard RSI has a nice rollbar, and no complaints from the BTR either. i am looking for something simple. Anthony 98GTS has the BTR bar, maybe he will post some pics or thoughts....
Smoke, check out the morgue site. I recall they've got a few threads going re: cages...I think Tom Welch has a nice one...hell, here it is
Can only speak on what I have heard, BTR is supposed to fit well and is NHRA legal.

If the bar is not approved what good is it going to be? You do want an approved bar correct?

If you are worried about the interior panels do what I would do. Buy another set from JonB or whomever. Cut up the "worst" of the set.

Here is one that SVSi did on a 94 Rt -

[image][/image] [image][/image]
Hell, that is sharp looking.
If I get one, it'll have to look like it belongs - not an afterthought.
Nathan, how much did they charge - and do they have more to sell.
That's a good question and I will ask the owner for you. All I know is that just about everything in that 94 was custom fabricated, so it wasn't cheap. But it does look great in person (soft top does not fit though).
Here's a cool looking one.
Thats a chrome plated autoform...looks GOOOOOOOOD!
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