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Who do you reccomend I hire to transport my Viper ?

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I'm looking for a reputable transportation firm to move my Viper from Florida to San Diego.

Thanks for the input !


1 - 12 of 12 Posts Transported mine to Florida. NICE truck, loading platform lowered completely flat on ground & lifted car like an elevator. NO RAMP to go up. Great price too.

As Andy said use Intercity Lines. They are fast, reliable and even have a $150 option not to move the car during hte trip. Ive had my car transported several times, and they are one of the best. Ive also used Exotic Car Transport, and they service Florida. Nice trucks, and a slick operation as well. I think they are a bit pricier.
Dan Solheim hauls cars for a living, he is a MN VCA member, get his contact info from Snake Bitten (Gerald)...
Do you guys have a # for them or a Link ?? I did a search on Yahoo with no luck.

Thanks !

Jeff 1-800-221-3936

Andy posted the url and contact infor for intercity. You may also want to check out They may have the best service between cali and florida (since they are florida based). I know symbolic motorcars in la jolla/san diego uses them pretty exclusively for this route.
Call RSI in Houston
Call RSI, have them pick your car up in Florida, do some mod work and deliver it back to you in San Diego.

RSI just bought a first class 3 car hauler, a shop on wheels with sleeping qtrs, satellite TV, surround sound and much more. air conditioned hauler for their customers cars.
For the right price, I'll drive it for you ;)
hell, I'd drive it for you for free /images/graemlins/headbang.gif
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