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where were all the mile racers when

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SW driving his motor only Viper with 93oct. (Motor built by RACING SOLUTIONS) came in second at 191.03 MPH at the one mile run.
A TT Vette came in first at 191.04 MPH.
SW with his motor only by RSI took second, no TT, no SC but motor only. Where were all the TT and SC Vipers?
I thought I read a post where JH and another tuners would be there. Where were all the other mile racers?

Congrats to SW with his motor only Viper for coming in second with only a hairs difference in speed from the TT vette. :cheers:
Racing Solutions knows how to build a motor, that's a fact jack. :bowdown:
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Congratulations SW and RSI!!!!!! :burn:

Goes to show ya how fast you can go at sea level.
John H. went 197 w/ 670hp (not sure if that was at the wheels or what)

How much Hp/Tq was the vette?
what was the Hp/Tq of the RSI Viper?

Sounds like it would have been a piece of cake to go over 200mph for the forced induction crowd.

Man if there was a 1 mile event close to us, I'm sure we would be there.

And ya know Paolo would'nt miss it.

How was the surface?

Is this the new playground? 1 miler club :nod:

Im sure SW wants more /images/graemlins/headbang.gif

Jr. :flag: :flag: :flag:
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Congratulations SW! How do you like to keep going way past the mile?

I think the standing mile is the best!(Aside from salt flats top speed runs!)

Where was this race?

What was the elevation?

Like Jr. asked, how was the surface?

Will there be another one in the next few months?

I would bet SW got to the 1/4 mile before Jr. or myself did!

Come on! enquiring minds want to know!
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Rohn - we would have loved to come and race. Family commitment was the only thing keeping us from attending. Congrats to SW and RSI on a strong showing.
Your right I posted it backwards, must of been standing on my head, not a qtr mile run but top speed huh.
FAST? said:
how did the vette 191.03 beat sw 191.04?
It was vette 191.30...check the .org
Hmm, must have been a TX only invite? This is the first I've heard of this event other than when I congratulated RSI over @ .org
Thanks for the comments. I was trying to figure out what gear to run and didn't know what to expect. I decided to leave the 3.33 gear in it. I ran out of gear about 250ft from the end. I hit 6500 in 5th and had to back off the gas and ran 6400 through the traps. Next time I'm going to try the 3.07. The surface was real smooth, shutdown area was alittle tight, but it was ok and it was hot and humid. Can't wait for the next one..

Congrats SW , good job!!

Great Job as always!

What gear was you running in BG when you set the all motor Record?

ALso I have a buddy looking for a 360 spyder can you help him out?

let me know
David, I was running the same gear. I have a 360 spyder instock now, give me a call.

Thanks, SW
congrats, SW.
I saw his car dyno at Maxwell Dodge in Sept, and WOW what a sound! RSI did a great job. I wish I could afford to take one of my cars there.
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