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Whats the latest on the Norwalk Drag Race?????

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Any finalization on classes and who can come?

After watching the BG video, I'm jonzing for some action.

How many unlimited cars coming? Any purse for them? I know I'm not wanted in mod 2 because of my 9 second e.t...and am tired of arguing about it, and may race in whatever class that is offered in an effort to join my Viper peers.

Let me know as I am trying to plan out the busy month of September and Ohio is a long ways from me.

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Dr Roof said:

Please Come, If nothing else it helps further the Viper Drag RACING Cause!

Besides I need to know the secret on how to add 2 power adders, Im thinking of adding a turbo system where no one can tell.

It sounds like all the unlimited guys are changing over too Mod 2 so who knows who is racing in Mod 2 or unlimited.
Dr.Roof we will trick them.....When all the Unlimited drivers move to Mod2 ,all the Mod2 drivers will move to Unlimited. :arcade:

Cudaman :flag:
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