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It could have had the PCM swapped, or upgraded, or who knows. I wouldn't get worked up about it unless you know for sure that you've been defrauded - which I doubt you have been because honestly, the effort involved in rolling back the odom from 30k to 15k isn't worth the money difference.

Truth is, 30k is nothing on these cars. I have 30k on mine and its no different today than it was when I got it at 7500 - and thats after adding many track miles. As long as the car has good compression, clutch, tranny feel - just enjoy it (unless of course you are really sure you were mislead, which I'm not sure you were - at least I'd be surprised).

96s and 97s are in enough demand that there's no real reason to tamper with them. Hell, I don't see the point in tampering with any Viper.

Just do what you can, but don't jump to conclusions. Have you asked the original owner about it? I'd start there.
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