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What the F is wrong with my 3\'rd gear gate?

Ok this is really pissing me off, I can't get this damn car to go into 3'rd half the time when I'm at high rpm (Shifting second to third). I thought getting a MGW shift knob would help, and it did, but last night it happened again (1'st instead of 3'rd)

What happens more often that going into 1'st is it gets stuck and won't go into any gear, I just push it up and away from me and it gets snagged.

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Re: What the F is wrong with my 3\'rd gear gate?

Dude, if the tranny shifts ok at lower rpm' is not the tranny is you...Most Viper owners have had this problem...

Hitting 1st is not good...
Getting stuck between 3+5th. is much better . Are you power shifting?

While sitting in your Viper at home and not moving...EYEBALL up 3rd. gear with something related on the dash.

Like the ac/heat knobs,,,then when shifting at higher rpms...AIM for that spot.

The Viper shift handle WILL flex to the RIGHT under high rpms...(1 inch )just watch it when getting into high rpms.(NORMAL) Motor Torque...also possible drivers side motor mount failure...common.

The trick is to NOT SLAM the 3rd. gear shift...back OFF a little and go SMOOTH and EASY on it but FAST are trying to slam 3rd..I know it WAS a problem for me...and yes the Gripper works 100% better.

Remember to eyeball the aim point, approx. between both ac knobs...slow down a bit on the force you are using and it will go every time...

Do not slam it....... go fast but SMOOTH get stuck because you are over shooting the 3rd gear gate...and am almost getting into 5th.vThe 6 spd. trans is close gates and unlike the older 4 spd. h patterns like the 70's muscle had...

Slow down a little and aim for it...When you are getting near redline all your senses and adrenalin are "peaking"....... speed, steering, watching the road , hp, tq, racing, etc...

Practice gradually up to redline...

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