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what gears do is better utilize the powerband of your engine. If you're running 125mph at the far end, then shoot for some 3.55s. That will put your max RPM around 5000-5200 through the lights. Remember that the final speed is averaged at quite some distance AFTER the finish line so you need a little extra room on the tach to get a good speed recording.
If you go 3.73s, then you may have to shift or risk bumping the rev limiter. Either way and you'll slow down. If you stick with 3.07s then you'll leave 1000rpms of power on the table when you cross the line. That is why gears make a difference. But you got to be able to decently hook up.
However, it is theoretically possible to run the same 60' time smoking the tires and still be 1-2 tenths faster in the quarter because of the increased torque multiplier in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gear.

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