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What is the tire polish of choice right now?

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Couldn't dig up anything with the search key. Saw some "gel" products last night at the store that looked good. I don't want to use Armorall, so what is everyone satisfied with? Any Eagleone fans out there? I have heard good things on Zaino, but have been a little dissapointed with the wax and its durability...

what do you think?
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Zaino is banned here.....
Be carefull about the neighbors poodle polishing your tires.
Some on this board have an aversion to poodles :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
you ban the mentioning of a product on a site? so I can't use the "Z" word here /images/graemlins/laughing.gif. That's o.k., I am not a huge fan of mentioned in my initial post...which was not answered.
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When I use it, I use the Griot's Garage stuff. seems to last quite a while. I've alos used the Meguire's on my Camaro's and it is also very good. Neither contain any of that silicone crap that will wreck your tires over the long term.
i hear awesome things about Griot's products. the downer is the price. they are a little more expensive than others, but if you get a great result for a few dollars more, why not?
well Griots twice in a row, gotta be something to it. thanks for the reply. :thumb:
I don't think it's because we're not fans of Zaino. We're just sick of hearing the same ol' stuff from .org over and over again. For the record I use Zaino.
I use a commerical product called "shine all" it leaves a clean new tire look without the glossy poser look.
I don't use that greasy kid stuff on my tires. Rather I clean the sidewalls with Wesley's Belach White. Just spray it on, scrub it, & rinse it off. You wouldn't believe the brown gunk that come off. After you're done, it leaves that nice factory appearance rathar than the false non-factory shiney appearance. :twocents:
CB does the tires, so I have no idea what she uses, but it ain't Z. :cheers:
Spray some tire wet onto a rag and then use on your tires. Looks great!!
Have used them all....Zaino tire dressing is by far the best...non greasy, low shine, very durable...lasts longer than any other

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