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What exactly constitutes the NAE option?

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I'm looking to buy a GTS Viper (I'm just not a convertible type of guy :p) in the distant future (aiming for around November). I've been looking at Vipers and just getting a general feel for what's available. I however am a resident of Massachusetts. Until recently I did not know that the Viper would not pass inspection in "stock" form in all 50 states. So now, being a resident of one of the more bastardized states (Is California the only one worse than us?) I have to look for the NAE option. I'm wondering if I really Have to though :p

I'm just wondering what is needed to pass inspection in Mass. I've come to the conclusion that I probably won't be finding a Viper advertised as having the NAE option. Not exactly a rarity, but still uncommon enough to make it difficult to find a good deal on one. What sort of modifications need to be made to a standard issue stock viper so they'll let me register and drive it in Mass?

Oh, also if you've got any suggestions on favorite years, that'd be helpful to. I've learned a bit from browsing about, forged pistons in 96-99 vipers, ABS in 2000-2002 vipers, but I'd still like to find a site that breaks each year down and explains in detail the problems, and variations from year to year. I still don't know what exactly constitutes an ACR viper (yes, more horsepower, five point harness, racing version... but what constitutes the "racing modifications"? What did they do to get the larger HP numbers? I'd presume the 2000 and up ACRs still have forged pistons right?) I'm most interested in getting an ACR (since the GTS-R is probably way out of my price league... I've never seen one for sale yet) but any info is nice. I just want a viper... that I can drive in my home state of Mass!!!

Thanks for any help.
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You got some bad info from somewhere. All vipers have been 50 state legal since 99 I believe. Pre 99 cars where legal everywhere but CA. I might be a little off on my model year.

Corrections: ABS in 2001-2002, 2000 and up ACR's did not have forged pistons.

ACRs got exactly what you said (more horsepower, five point harness) also included adjustable shocks (the most important thing about the ACRs) and to get the extra 5 hp they recieved smooth tubes in place of the corrigated tubes after the air box. Different wheels, a shock adjustment tool. Stiffer springs. I think thats about it.

Also some models had the fog lights deleted, some have them added back in, and I think only like 9 ACRs have no radio or AC. Every other ACR had those creature comforts added back into the options sheet.
Slow Eddie said:
You got some bad info from somewhere.
I could tell you where that somewhere is, but I'd rather not get my ass kicked for coming from "the bad place" :p

I thought it was rather weird that any car wouldn't be produced as 50 states emission legal, but I figured the viper club of America would actually have like factual information that was... you know... right and whatnot. That does make my life easier.

Now however I do still have to wonder if I should go for the 96-99 for forged pistons, or 2001-2002 for being Newer and hence possibly more reliable/less worn.
I would ask another owner in MA about the registration laws. I read that site and boy does that sound confusing! I really dont think its that complicated.

One call to the NE Tech Advisor will solve all your problems.
914 763-3136 Ask for Chuck Tator and tell him City sent you. :thumb:
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