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what do you think of this???

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I know I asked this before but this is driving me mad. Most of the answers I got that time was - "it's a Dodge", "get a corvette instead."

Every time I see a pict of Viper, only thing I am staring at is gap between the fascia and hood...

I took it to the dealership and I got similar replies as this forum and that it's best not be messing with. For the last time, is this worth pushing to get adjusted under warranty? The gap is about less than 0.5". Or would adjusting cause other things to be misaligned.

Please help! Thanks!!



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From what I can see.

My hood does not look like this at all.

If I can read my ruler right mine is at .25 spacing.

That is a wide gap.

If it was my vehicle I would take it in and have the hood adjusted.

My :twocents:
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There are little screw posts with black rubber bump-stops under the front of your hood, next to your headlights (on the inside). You can adjust those and affect that spacing to a certain degree. There are other more complicated adjustments, but those screw posts are a good starting point and are easy to do without risking really messing anything up. Once you've adjusted them so the gap is more or less gone, make sure the hood isn't rubbing on the top of the headlights, and that it closes along the front edge correctly.

It's definitely a situation where changing one part throws all the others out of whack. Hopefully somebody else with more info than I have can describe how the other adjustments work, mine adjusted fairly cleanly just by tweaking those screw posts. Put some thread lock on them, otherwise they'll vibrate out of place fairly quickly, requiring repeated adjustments.

It IS possible to get it nearly perfect if you're so inclined.
There should be an adjuster under the hood. Mine does not look like this at all.
I've noticed this on many
This is a tough one. My dealership is adamant about not adjusting this because it may throw somthing else off...

I tend to think narrowing this gap will make the headlights touch the hood.
yep, as the above you have a little room above the headlights to try the bumper stops first, don't lower it too much or you will rub the tops of your headlights. Also check the fit to the facia between the headlights. You may get up to 1/4" adjustment with the stops. Then you may have to adjust the facia up to get it any closer. These cars were hand assemblied and so the gaps sometimes need tweeking. I marked the bolts and stops so when I take my hood off I can easly line it back up.
sbkim said:
My dealership is adamant about not adjusting this because it may throw somthing else off...
Get a new dealership. If they're afraid to adjust the hood, you don't want them touching anything more important.
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