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The moron wrote me this regarding the car. Can we forward these scams to the FBI or something?

j w <[email protected]> wrote:
> Hi there!
> I'm sorry about keeping you waiting and hope you
> haven't lost your interess.
> I gotta tell you: you haven't lost your time in vain
> watching my ad. I suppose you are looking for a good
> car, so I must say you are on the right track. This
> is
> the best offer money can buy!
> Exterior is in Excellent Condition and Paint Shines
> Like New with No Dents or Dings, No Accidents, All
> Original, and Looks Like New. Interior is also in
> Excellent Condition, and Looks Like New. Definitely
> a
> Very Well Cared For Vehicle. The car price is
> $22,000.00.
> Enough with words, let's jump right to facts and
> talk
> a little about the up-coming transaction - for this
> to
> work as smoothly as possible, I'll try all my best
> to
> describe the process in order to be easy and clear
> for
> both of us.
> First of all, I have to tell you that currently I'm
> located in Italy, Europe. I got married here last
> summer (love of my life ... you know the story) and
> now we're waiting for a baby (it is a boy, thank you
> God!). This is one of the reasons I want to sell the
> car - in order to buy a new home for my family. The
> other reason is that the car's title is still issued
> in US (clear of any liens, transferable and more,
> I'm
> the first owner) and there's too much paper-work to
> register the car here (lots of bureaucratize here).
> About the shipping, the car will get to you with
> Lufthansa cargo. Shipping costs are about 1,000 USD,
> depending on your exact location, therefor I'll need
> your exact shipping address so I can find out the
> exact amount. I must tell you that it doesn't
> include
> any insurance costs, but my advice is to make a
> shipping insurance what-so-ever - for the total
> amount
> we are dealing here is 300 USD. So, here's what I'm
> proposing: if you are willing, we'll split the
> shipping and insurance costs. This will increase the
> total amount you will have to pay for my car with
> about 700 USD. The good news is that we won't have
> to
> pay any custom fees because the car's title is
> issued
> in US, as I told you before.
> At this very moment, the car is stored at Lufthansa,
> waiting for my directions where and when to be
> shipped. The only bad news is that the gas tank
> isn't
> full (they won't allow shipping cars with more than
> 1/8 gas tanks capacity filled) ... hope this won't
> be
> a problem for you /images/graemlins/wink
> The car will get TO YOUR DOOR in max. 5 days from
> the
> shipping day - Lufthansa provides airport-to-door
> services.
> Now, about the payment, the fastest, easiest and
> cheaper way to get things done is the following:
> all you have to do is go with cash to a Western
> Union
> office and complete a "To Send Money" form. As
> receiver's address you must use my address :
> Via Palestro,82
> Rome 00185
> Italy
> and as for receiver name, you must use a name of
> your
> prefferance : your father's name, your best friend's
> name or any name you can think of. The amount which
> you'll have to send is 1,500.00 USD.
> Right after you make the transfer, you must send me
> the details of the transfer :
> - exact MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number, it is a
> 10 digits number, that will help me to track the
> money
> online)
> - exact sender name
> - exact receiver name
> - exact transfer fees - in case that the car is not
> as
> you expected and you want to return it and, this
> way,
> I will have to return you the transfer fees (I need
> those informations so I can check if the transfer
> was
> made and I can verify that on Western Union's
> web-page
> anytime I want).
> After I will have the confirmation of the payment, I
> will go to Lufthansa office, get the things running
> and send you the car imediately.
> From the moment you'll receive the car, you will
> have
> 5 days for inspection. If there is something wrong
> with the car you can retrieve your money from
> Western
> Union and it will be shipped on my expenses back to
> me
> and I will return the transfer fees to you.
> If you decide to keep the car, you must change the
> receiver name into my name :
> James Weston
> so I can be able to cash the money and to make
> another
> transfer for the rest of the amount directly to my
> name.
> Why this procedure? Because :
> 1. Western Union is a global leader in money
> transfer
> and message services, with a history of pioneering
> service dating back more than 150 years and it
> continues today to help consumers and businesses
> securely transfer money or make payments using money
> orders and other electronic systems. Consumers can
> quickly and easily transfer money to more than
> 150,000
> Western Union Agent locations in over 190 countries
> worldwide - the largest network of its kind.
> 2. The money will be deposited at Western Union on
> the
> name you have chosen and can NOT be retrieved
> (except
> by you) until you change the receiver name into my
> name.
> 3. This way I can have the guarantee that you have
> the
> money and that you are ready to buy the car.
> 4. I will support half of the shipping charges and
> you
> will support the transfer fees (You will have to pay
> some fees there at Western Union : 6% - 8% from the
> total amount - this depends on your exact location
> also) - I think this way is fair.
> In conclusion: you will have to make a deposit for
> 1,500 USD using the procedure I've described above.
> Once you've done that, the car will be on its way to
> you. After receiving it and decide that you want to
> keep it, you'll have to change the receiver name of
> the transfer into mine so I can cash the money and
> send the rest of the money on my name.
> The main idea about this method is that is much
> faster
> than other services (like escrow or ups cod), but at
> the same time is just as secure. Moreover you are in
> perfect control over the transaction until you
> receive
> the car! I have used this method in the past and it
> worked perfectly and I assure you that it is 100%
> safe. This is actually what you want, isn't it? I
> would also like to note that this method puts the
> burden on the seller in this case and not on the
> buyer. Hopefully that puts you at ease a little. I
> am
> a man of my word and will withhold my end of the
> bargain.
> AND A TIP FOR YOU : if you declare that you are
> sending the money to a friend or relative, you will
> pay lower fees when you'll make the transfer.
> I guess everything is clear, so we can get the
> process
> started. I'll be waiting for your shipping address,
> so
> I can give you the exact total amount (including
> your
> part of shipping charges).
> Hope I haven't get tired reading this long email,
> but
> I like things clear before we get the ball rolling.
> Have a great day!
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