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This is the one of the biggest Mopar Drag Racing/Car Show in the country. mopars at the Please register under stock vipers . Last year there were 300 cars at the car show and 300 cars at the drag strip. Last year there were about 10 vipers in attendence, this year we already have 20 pre-registered with many more planning to attend.

Here is a list of the whose who attending so far:

Fat Albert All Motor “Nasty” Viper Drag Car
Should be in low 8’s
Fat Albert All Motor 800 HP beast
No times known
[H M S] 650R with Roe Blower @12PSI Boost
Ran a [email protected] @ 9psi of boost
West Coast Tuned Viper w/450 shot of NOS
6.8x in the 1/8 mile
DC Perfomance 800RWHP Twin SC Viper
No times known
Roe SC Viper Heads and NOS @10 PSI
No times known but should be low 10’s-high 9’s
Roe SC Viper w/Heads @10PSI
No times known but should be another low 10 car
[H M S] Twin Turbo Viper 850RWHP
No times known but should be low 10’s high 9’s
Competition Coupe
No times known but should be 11’s
LV Roe SC Viper @7psi yellow
High 10’s low 11’s
DLM superbar 880RWHP Viper
No known times but should be high 9’s low 10’s
Yellow Fever Heffner Twin Turbo (pending completion)
9 second viper

Ben Treynor is a definite maybe. If any of you know ben well please encourage him to make the trip. This will be the biggest viper drag racing event in the west. Sorry if your name/car is not listed.

The cars above are not all registered but have said they will come. If you want to drag race your car please come. There will be special classes for vipers only. On saturday we will have a street tire shootout and possibly a Unlimited radial tire shootout. The difference between the two will be:

Street tire shootout will be stock and mod1(bolt ons) cars with pilots.

Unlimited radial tire shootout will be mod2 and unlimited on radial tires(kumhos,bfg's,sport cups, etc: No slicks or skinnies).
The unlimited class will only be formed if there are 10+ cars in the street tire shootout and at least 5 in the unlimited. If you are running tires other than pilot or p zeros then you can run unlimited.

Also, if there is any interest we can have a dyno competition at the silverstate dyno shop about 5 minutes from the drag strip.
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