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well the viper is now gone

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but, it will come back better than ever /images/graemlins/yes
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Twycblwn your new plate for the car?

Identity crisis with all the name changes too? /images/graemlins/laughing.gif

Keep us updated on it. :thumb:

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thanks Jerome, not a bad idea on the plate either :idea:
Congrats Eric :thumb:! Have Jason upgrade your clutch to his new Dual Plate set up...It's the SHIZNIT!

My headers were sent out to be Jetcoated today , Hopefully i'll have my baby home late next month :clap:


Dude, you just got your car S/C'd!! wtf! how much more HP are you expecting?
LawBoy said:
have u already sent it for the TT???

yeah, it is on its way /images/graemlins/dude

Gerald, i think i should have over 800 hp, a lot more torque, and the adjustable wastegates are this shit /images/graemlins/dude
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