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Well now we gotz a Zoom Zoom Store!

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Nov 1st,the Big Woody snags a Mazda Store, so now we have the Rx-8, Mazda 6,Miata, etc. to sell. We will have some 178 hp Mazdaspeed Miatas in the future, as we are the only MazdaSpeed Dealer in Nebraska, and for quite aways around us. I will be moseying down there on Fridays, so if you have any desire for one of these little Zoomers, call me at the Dodge store (800-889-1893 ) or the Mazda Store ( 402-592-1044 on Fridays ).

Bill Pemberton
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You just wanted wholesale prices on Spec Miata parts! /images/graemlins/smile.gif Congratulations, seems like all of the above are selling nicely.
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Awesome, Bill. Good luck to your son with racing.
Now, when can we place real orders on the Ford GT?
is the mazdaspeed miata a turbo?
Oh Boy, Bill - now you can have your Miata serviced by Woodhouse.
is the mazdaspeed miata a turbo?
Yes, it is. An itsy-bitsy little T25, as I recall.

Just enough to make it competitive with minivan 0-60 figures. /images/graemlins/laughing.gif
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Congratulations and best of luck with mazda Bill.
Now go tell them that the RX-8 is Fugly.
The Miata is not out yet, but it should put out around 178 hp in the 2400 lb roadster( Spring intro and we have one deposit already ). The MazdaSpeed Protege has around 170 hp ( is a 2003 model ) and it will be interesting to see what happens with the new Mazda 3 , since it has 160hp , stock , in the S model. A 200+ version would be necessary, as the SRT-4 is already the beast in that class with the 230+ hp and the Quiaffe limited slip. Just kinda cool to have fun cars to sell, but obviously none are in the Viper's League! I am a sicko, like alot of you, I just flat like fast,fun, unique cars, it's just that my passion is Snakes.

RX-8 Fugly, hmmmmm..........gotta admit I wasn't sure, but it is growing on me in person. The pictures don't do it justice, and I kinda am warming to it's radical looks. Kinda like the SRT-10, where I never thought the pictures did it justice, and once you see one up close they definitely grow on you.

Anyway, keep asking questions, I gotta get to my 75 posts so I am eligible for all da fun gifts, ha.
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I saw an RX-8 several weeks ago and thought it was ugly. Having seen that same car now a couple of times, it's groeing on me too. What's the power plant in that car? Is it the Wankle with anything special?
PaulB said:
I saw an RX-8 several weeks ago and thought it was ugly. Having seen that same car now a couple of times, it's groeing on me too. What's the power plant in that car? Is it the Wankle with anything special?

yeah its a 1.3L rotary. Neato but not the most reliable powerplant and sure doesn't make any torque (less that 160 ft/lbs :ugh ). I don't see why they went with an engine that gave them so many headaches last time.
Actually Craig, the Rotary motor had very few problems other than in the 70s. The previous version ( 93-95 Rx-7 ) had some issues, but they were mainly tied into the
Turbo. Keep in mind the Rotary Mazda ( 3 rotor ) is still the only Japanese car to have won LeMans, and a Star Formula Mazda that runs in SCCA is usually good for three years racing before a rebuild. This is unheard of in any other Formula class. The seals were a problem in the 70s, but the 80s saw special oiling jets that kept the seals lubricated and I used to get really frustrated when I got beat racing by someone with a Rotary with 120K. Like the misconceptions with the Viper, which we constantly have to explained to the misinformed, alot of folks who had RX-7s swore by them for their durability. The new 6 port Renesis motor ( which does have much better torque than the previous models as you noted ) breathes better and almost has the same power as the previous Turbo models. Is it a Viper ( Hell, no ) , but it is a light,nimble cruiser, and the performance is very acceptable. I was shocked at how much better the driveability was than in the past, and it rides better also.
I guess what it comes down to for me, is I have been spoiled by Vipers over the years in that they don't look like anything else, and they border on the outrageous. Maybe, that is why I wasn't keen on the RX-8 from the pictures, but have found it very appealing in person. It is outrageous looking too, and maybe the Viper makes me a little jaundiced, but my eye is now towards unique and interesting.Of course, this is all my own personal opinion, and in by no means reflects those of the Big Woody who owns this store ----- he actually would start this same disertation on Diesel Trucks, so fair warning to anyone who ever brings up that topic to him,ha,ha.
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I think the RX-8 is cool looking and nice packaging with the rear doors. BRING ON THE RX-7!
My family had 3 RX-7's and the only things I hated about them were that, by design they use oil (basically like rings in a piston engine) so you can't run synthetic because it doesn't burn right. Also, if the engine does not start quickly, the oil is washed from the cylinders and you lose compression and they won't start. This may not be a problem on the new ones. The worst problem is if they overheat they will usually kill the motor, because it is made up of plates of dissimilar metals that expand differently which farks up the large bolts that hold it all together. But again this may be all fixed now.

I hated the RX-8 at first but they are growing on me too. I would most likely buy one if it was the kinda car I was into.
Dear Desecrator,

Uh, cylinders!!??? Just asking , don't want to get you all eggsided, as I note you kill people and this is a very mild correction. Rotaries , not stinking cylinders, and yes they were designed to use oil. The overheating was virtually the same as all aluminum motors --- they don't like hot. Anyway, please take this minor correction in the good spirit it was intended, cuz " I Kill People " is scary enough for an old man of 51, but I don't want to even talk about being Desecrated.

Going to my room now!
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