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Web Based Email Enhancements

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Check out the OPTIONS Page in your Email page - the newest addition includes WEATHER REPORTS for the zip codes you want to watch!

The Display Preferences provides alot of customization features to change how your mailbox looks.

There are alot of features that can boost your ViperAlley email usage in the Options section - be sure to poke around!
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Re: Web Based Email Enhacnements

Another new feature (just added) allows you to specify POP accounts from other servers that you want to be downloaded into this interface.

If you have multiple email servers and want to combine them into one nice web interface - this is a great new feature in the OPTIONS section.
Re: Web Based Email Enhacnements

And, finally, a calender interface which can be used to track important dates and such. Also in the Display Options you can select to display a nice little calender on the sidebar.
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