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If anyone selling a Gen I, please let me know.
Silver or Black preferred.

Up here in Northeast, there are a handfull around, but not much.

He's been dealing with cancer for the past few years, and being a warrior, you'd never know it.
Up and around and knock on wood, doing well.

Miles not so much of an issue, but would be nice to have an 05/06 w powertrain warrantee.
Damn I'd love to see him with the adrenaline rush again.

He still has to this day ( original owner, 65 goat, many motors as he drag raced it for many years. Still has the 4 speed and tri power etc.. ) Just too much $$$$ for the bodywork up this way.
Won't sell it on principle.

Bottom line, anyone w a Gen 1 SRT Jeep under $20k, please pm me.

Thank you,
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