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Wanted...All 4 Kiss Vipers

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If you have all 4 and want to sell PM or e-mail me. I don't want to hunt forever on Ebay to find them all. If you get them all that way fine, tell me what you want, within reason of course.

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The only kiss cars I know about are the dragsters.
Andy you the man! /images/graemlins/thumb1

I looked and looked and could not find the complete set. And you just pull it out of nowhere. :nod:

Now to have my sister bid on it at auction end.

Thanks a million. :thumb:

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I am having an e-mail sent. They look like the Funny Cars and not the Vipers. :bonk:

Guess we will find out.

I believe they are the funny cars I only sent that becasue that is the only set that I know of, I did not know they made a set of vipers before you made this thread.
They do have them but I would have to hunt to find all 4 and I would just rather get the whole set from one person. By the time I buy all 4 and pay shipping it will cost twice as much for them.

I only have one set as well, they were EXTREMELY hard to find them all in stores. The easiest to find were the two main members, Kris and Simons. I will check with some friends that probably picked up extras.
Thanks Jay :cheers:

Let me know if you should happen to find any that are for sale.

I have the KISS Issue #2 Viper. It says Star Child on top if this helps you any Jerome.
I have 2 of the 4 for trade let me know if interested and i'll look up which ones they are. David
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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