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Vipers are

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  • Corvettes are Beer & Pretzles and
  • Corvettes are Beer & Pretzles and
  • Ricers are Sake & Sushi
  • VIPERS are ___________________ & ____________________

I know there are clever people here.......
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Bushmills Irish Whiskey and Nuclear Chicken Wings
badass & i want one
tequila shots and suicide wings
Jack Daniels and Charlie Daniels!


Whisky and loose wimmin!
Snake Bitten said:
Whisky and loose wimmin!
LOL Booze and a broad.
Raw sex and fine whiskey?
Canned Heat & Cool as a Breeze
Pussy getting POWER machines!
sitting around a camp fire with some hotties overlooking a lake drinking old milwaukee's best and eating crab legs saying,"it don't get any better than this!" :cheers:
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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