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ViperRAG Annoucement!

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After many long hours, Don and I have finally finished the ViperRag software! This is truely a one-of-a-kind feature that will be the envy of community sites everywhere. (Okay, maybe a little overblown, but you get the point.)

ViperAlley's ViperRag eZine

The ViperRag needs your content!

The only way we can put out great issues is if our members provide the content. If you are logged in, you will see a menu which includes submit an article. It is from here that you can compose your submission (or paste it from a word processor). There is also an faq page if you need help.

You can upload images when submiting your article and even place the images within your article where you want them. You also control the formatting by using UBBCODE to use bold, italics or other markups (similiar to those used here on the forums).

The ViperRag Camera!

The ViperRag has been donated its own Canon G5 camera! This camera will be available to send to members who are covering ViperRag events. Basically, we send you the camera, you take as many pics as you want, then send the camera back and we'll take care of the rest.

This is a very generous donation and will help us help you generate better content.

ViperRag Editor

Clint Sever has stepped up to be the eZine editor. While we get the first issue in place it will be a group project, Clint will be the point man for this feature. We'll get Clint upto speed on the editor features that let us build issues so that future editions will be a snap.

ViperRag Covers

Each edition will feature a cover page. Clint can coordinate with people who would like to submit images for consideration for the cover (this process is seperate from the submission of an article). There are specific requirements for cover pages (size, type and orientation), but we'll get those published soon. Also, photos which are used in the publication must be copyright free - meaning you can't use someone elses photos without their permission.

With your help we can make this an exciting site feature - get involved! Even if you don't think you are the greatest writer, we can always help. But to get started we need your help. We have already had some articles submitted and for a Premier Issue we are going to need more.

Lastly, I'd like to thank Don for all his hard work. We both put in alot of hours, but Don put in a few more than I did and he had to put up with me in the process, so he gets some extra Kudos.
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I want to publicly thank Mike and Don for working on this software so diligently. It's absolutely awesome that this is coming together as efficiently and quickly as it has and it is, for the most part, because of the combined efforts of these two fantastic coders. Mike and Don deserve MORE then kudos for this - I hope sometime soon I can repay you guys for making this a reality..

We do need articles, and followups on PM's sent awhile ago will go out today.

I hope this idea can really take off, and I think it can especially with the high level of discontent from recent issues of VIPER magazine and other, more generalized, "marketable" auto pulblications.

I also want to thank everyone who has contributed so far.. I'm very, very excited for it to come together - I hope the remainder of ViperAlley will be as well.

Best Regards,

That Camera ROCKS...I use one myself.

Thanks for the donation and thanks for all the time and effort guys!!

You guys have done an incredible job with this and it will show in the final product. Seems like every week I look at this site and find something else that is being developed/done for the enjoyment of its members and visitors :thumb:
You guys are the best and deserve all the support that we can give you.

Sounds really cool. I cant wait to see the first one!
Excellent! We need all the writeups we can get!

I can make sections in the Photo Galleries for large photo uploads, too.
Hey MP,

I have some photos from BG, who do I send them to or where can I upload them to?
96 R/T 10 said:
Hey MP,

I have some photos from BG, who do I send them to or where can I upload them to?
You have a PM!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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