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ViperAlley was founded with the ideal of a lightly moderated site that would allow its members to enjoy talking Smack without the free-for-all anarchy of an un-moderated site. On ViperAlley all active members have a voice; however, within any Democracy there are laws which create a foundation for acceptable behavior. This document serves as that foundation.


One alter egos/alias is allowed per member only if it is registered with the moderators. The alter egos will have no voting power/rep ability. You can register your AE's on this page:

Using an unregistered alias is grounds for an immediate suspension. When possible, a user will be notified of their infraction and be given the chance to register their AE.


Usernames and Titles may not be used to attack another board member or break another site rule. For example "Red5Sucks" would be an inappropriate username for a new member. Nor would a title that specifically targets another member on the site be acceptable.

Usernames must be unique so as to not cause confusion - new users who create accounts with names too similar to other members will be asked to change their username. Users not complying with the request may have their name changed for them.


There is only one picture posting forum on ViperAlley - a members-only "Soup Kitchen". The Soup Kitchen has its own set of relaxed rules but is only available to Site Supporters.

These policies relate to the other forums:

1. Adult/Mature content must be placed in a thread with warning to anyone BEFORE they open the image (i.e. "NOT WORK SAFE!" in the Subject). This simple warning is necessary to prevent someone from opening an offensive image or link in a work environment, which might lead to discipline in the workspace.
2. Images which contain nudity are prohibited in the public forums and photo galleries. In the forums, you can provide links to the images with a suitable warning.
3. Links to adult content or sites will be used along with a specific warning as to what the link contains. Again, this is to prevent people from opening an offensive link without some kind of warning.
4. Links to hardcore adult sites, warez and password sites are not allowed.
5. No child porn or equally offensive links or posts are allowed and will result in immediate suspension of your account.

Images which have been uploaded to ViperAlley may be used in their unaltered form throughout the site without further consent from the member. If you do not want people sharing your photo or using it on the website, then do not upload your image to our server. "PhotoShop'ing" photos from the Gallery requires a member's prior approval.


Users can have text and/or an image in their signature and cannot exceed 400x120 and 30k in size. Only one image per signature is allowed. Avatars cannot exceed 130x130 or be larger than 30k in size.

Links and Avatars of a commercial purposes are not allowed unless you are a supporting vendor.

Signatures and avatars which contain offensive material will be removed. "Offensive material" can be defined as being "Not Work Safe" or obnoxious.


Only site sponsors and/or vendors can advertise their product or service on Viper Alley. This includes posts in threads, links in posts and in signatures, display pictures in avatars, profiles, galleries and/or posts.

If you are not a site sponsor/vendor and you do any of the above, the ViperAlley mod/admin team will remove the content without warning. Repeated violations will result in a temp. suspension of your account and/or permanent ban of your account.


No board SPAM or TROLLING. "We know it when we see it" and it will be removed by a moderator.


ViperAlley was created to allow people to engage in acceptable forms of Smack. This should not be confused with an un-moderated site that provides a free-for-all forum for personal attacks or free speech.

The Anything Goes forum was designed for the smack-talkers in the group. Enter this forum at your own risk and do not be surprised if you are offended at times.

While we do not wish to limit people’s ability to engage in Smack, there are certain ground rules which must be followed:

Ground Rules for Smack

1. No threats of physical violence.
2. Posts which invoke racial attacks against another member are unacceptable on this forum.
3. No "real world" interference or threats. There is never an excusable reason for going outside this board and trying to or threatening to go "real world".
4. Family takes are off limits.
5. No member shall post any information that may compromise another member's expectation to privacy ("outing").

We know violations when we see them and those which fit into a Grey Area will be submitted to the Moderators for a vote.

If you become aware of a post which you believe has violated one of these rules, or even ones that fall outside these guidelines but is equally offensive, please notify one of the Moderators. If the offense seems likely to result in the removal, then the Moderator will post a Moderator Poll where if 2/3rds of the Moderators agree, the post will be edited. Moderators may choose to remove a post prior to a vote as long as they notify the other mods and post a reason for the removal in the post to notify other users.

PM's and Privacy

Personal Messages are meant to be private and personal. If you're engaged in a private conversation with someone (PM), and you personally decide to share that information with the board against the other parties wishes, that's one thing. But if you pass that information along to others and those others' decide to take that private information and make it public, against the offended parties wishes. Then that is a permanently bannable offense. In the latter scenario all involved will be banned.

Guidelines for Suspensions

Moderators have the ability to suspend a user’s account for violation of our policies. Moderators also reserve the right to suspend you when no rules have been violated. As a general rule, except in extreme cases, a moderator must get a majority of all the moderators to support the suspension prior to it being executed.
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