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@viperalley & POP3

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Can someone help me where I can get OE to use the pop3 feature to check my @viperalley email addy?

Remote POP server settings
You should be aware that the encryption used to store your password is not perfectly secure. However, if you are using pop, there is inherently no encryption anyway. Additionally, the encryption that we do to save it on the server can be undone by a hacker reading the source to this file.
If you leave password empty, it will be required when you fetch mail.
Store in Folder:
I found all of that in the options but I hardly understand it all /images/graemlins/smile.gif

Right now I have my ISP's account that is POP3, all I gotta do with OE is put in like as the incomming and as the outgoing and supply it with my username and password and it works.

thx /images/graemlins/smile.gif
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viperalley doesnt have POP access - only web-based access. When we get on our new server, I've been considering POP access.
Oh, well, nm then. hehe
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