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Fellow Viper Alley Members,

The largest V10 Nationals drag racing event of the year will be September 7th and 8th in Shreveport, LA. This event is scheduled to precede VOI8, which is why the attendance is expected to be the biggest to date.

ViperAlley is going to be a major sponsor of this event, as this is what we do, support all things Viper! This sponsorship cost is $2000, so we are asking for your contribution to make this happen. Now we honestly don't expect everyone to contribute to this, but are simply asking that if you wish to support this event that you make a contribution to help us reach our goal. We can all do our part to ensure the future success of the V10 National series. All contributions will count towards your supporter status.

We would also ask that as many members as possible attend this event. This is a great opportunity to show our support of the Viper community and to attract new members who otherwise would never learn of our website.

Thank you in advance, and thank you to Dr Roof for all the hard work he does putting this Viper specific series together.

V10Nationals Website

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rhon; you gonna stumble across the border after the nats to dallas for some fun? word is that wednesday evening, the silver saloon will be jumpin so im thinking about heading there wednesday evening and then hanging out in dallas thursday. hell, whats one more day away eh /images/graemlins/toothy

BTW drinks on me this time, I dont like feeling like a date but the generosity was appreciated as longas you let me return it /images/graemlins/toothy

see you in a couple weeks
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