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Viper won't start!!!!

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Viper won\'t start!!!!

I tried to start the 94 a few minutes ago and it won't turn over. The voltage gauge shows between 12-14 and the fuel pump kicks in. Do I need to reset the alarm, or do something else? Help!
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Re: Viper won\'t start!!!!

Moments like that suck.
My sequence of steps to narrow down battery problems is to
first check other high drain components - like your lights, to see
if they are unaffected- then with your lights on try to start your
car- if the lights are dim or if they dim when you try to start your
car, then your battery is not fully charged or you have bad contact with
your battery cables. If your battery will not seem to charge (after cleaning
the battery posts - take it to an auto store like Auto Zone and have it checked -
you may just have a bad battery.
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