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Viper Wins Formula Drift Again and is Now 2 out of 2

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I got a chance to watch the Mopar sponsored Comp Coupe this last weekend at a drift event here in Houston. It was very impressive. Samuel Hubinette won this event and is so good at drifting the comp coupe that I think he is a far better drifter than the famous Japanese drift racers that were at the event as judges.

The next 2 events are at Infineon (sears point / n cal) and Irwindale (so cal). It would be very cool to have a bunch of Viper owners come out and support this team. You would have a great time there too. You need to see a comp coupe sliding sideways at 90 mph towards a concrete wall while smoking the tires to fully appreciate this form of racing.
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N Cal drift race is in July and the Irwindale race is in Aug. There were a lot of people there doing video work but I dont know where to tell you to find it. Rohn, you need to see this deal in person, its really cool. And when the Viper smokes the competition, its really exciting.
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