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Viper vs R1

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check it out!
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I have two Vmaxs, was giving some thought to painting one blue with white stripes to match my Viper. Cool pic :thumb:
I took these today!
That's my moooossstttt favoright bike. Rode one a few months ago and it scared me pretty good.
You have good taste in vehicles.
DChan415 said:
You have good taste in vehicles.
Danny: How does your RX7 run with the turbo?
Its faster than the Viper. But it wont be for long.
What is in store for your Viper?
Custom Paxton blower kit is going in.
Hey , looks like Viper blue is pretty close to Yamaha blue.
Yeh, they are pretty close , but not exact.
Sweet, Nice combo!!!!

I am wanting a sport-bike.

What would be a good first bike? 6'1" 190lbs 650?-750?

How much 2 wheel time do you have?
Mine doesnt match my Viper as well as yours does but...

Sweet combo.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!!1
Thanks Viper Spray. Have you seen the new 180 HP '04?
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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