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After our prototype air induction system was finished, we went to the dyno. The results were interesting. The stock power curves and the air induction system power curves were nearly identical from 2000 to about 5000 rpm. We did see a slight power gain in the 5200 - 6000 rpm range with a peak gain of about 7 rw hp.

I feel that the air induction design we made today was about as free flowing a design that could be made. And the reality is that it did not make any improvements at all from 2000 - 5000 rpm on a stock engine. And the gains above 5000 rpm were very minimal.

The bottom line is that PVO has an excellent air induction design in stock form. I doubt that any tuner out there will develop any kind of air induction kit that will make any significant power increase over the stock system on an otherwise stock SRT10.

Now, this is not to say that a good air induction design such as ours is without merit. We beleive that this system will become more important as we begin to gain power in the exhaust department. So while a stock SRT10 wont gain much by changing the air induction system. It should offer some benefit with the addition of headers and exhaust upgrades.

So it took my guys a day to build a pretty trick air induction kit. I expect we will have a full working prototype header and exhaust kit within 2 weeks. So when its done, we will test the headers/exhaust with the stock airbox. Then we will add the system above to it and see if it helps.

I wanted to report these findings as I had heard other claims of an SRT10 air induction kit "gaining 30 hp". Based upon my own findings, I dont think there are any substantial gains to be had in the air induction system on a bone stock SRT10.

The owner of the vehicle that was tested was at the test session. He is a pretty sharp engineer and may have his own comments to post on the subject.

Since the SRT's came out almost 2 months ago, I have been waiting for somebody to offer some sort of test data on mods, just out of curiosity. So far I have not seen or heard any real test info on any kind of SRT mod. So after having a day with an SRT, I was very thrilled to begin learning about this car. And I plan to share this kind of test data when I can. Thanks.

You can also see a video of the SRT10 making a dyno pull at:

Best Wishes,
John Hennessey
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There's a plenum chamber made of molded plastic that the stock filters connect to. It has a "snout" of sorts between them projecting forward - probably for killing resonance and diverting airflow sideways toward the filter elements. behind the filters, I think the plenum is oval shaped at the point where it joins the accordion flex tube to the TB.

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Hey Smoke, ya all what Dean says is right on as usual. Here is a pic:

Anthony - we are out towards Katy.

Funny thing is I know that tuners like TNT, RSI and others have had SRT's in the shops for weeks for R&D purposes. So where are the product pictures, dyno sheets, track numbers?

We get an SRT for a day and build a good air intake system and dyno test it, then post the results. Certainly others can do the same.

We plan to have a complete header and exhaust prototype done, running and dyno tested in 2 weeks. Will let you know what it does on the dyno then.

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