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Viper SRT-10 Cat issue

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I noticed today that my driver side corsa pipe was slightly pushed back on my 03 SRT-10. After jacking up the car I removed the side skirt and noticed the cat had snapped in two. Is this normal? I wasn't really expecting to see this on my car. My car is stock. From the looks of things it appears that the metal got really brittle and snapped.


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Didnt you notice any change in the sound before you noticed the pipe being out of position....I would think that pressure from the Corsa being improperly mounted might cause the cat to snap.
The corsa track system is so loud that there wasn't any additional changes in the noise. Also the piece snapped at the weld point of the second cat. The corsa muffler has hangers that hold it in place so there isn't any pressure on the piping. The metal seems very brittle.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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