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Viper Owners within a couple hundred miles

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I was wondering if there are any Viper owners within a couple hundred miles of Charleston, WV. I read the forums and most owners seem to be from the Western US. I just bought my 98 GTS this summer and I was wanting to find a Viper owner relatively close to my home that I could hang out with and talk Vipers and maybe go to the drag strip or Viper events with.
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Couple hundred miles - me in Centerville, Ohio; Toby in Cincinnatti, Ohio; V10 MOJO in Cleveland, Ohio; and some others I forget where. There should be some owners even closer & congratulations on being part of the Viper Nation.
Maybe me in Durham, NC - there are quite a few Eastern, Midwestern, Texan, and Western Viper owners on here actually. And 1 French owner ;)

EDIT - Wow, this is my 666th post here ;)
Drive that thing up to Norwalk Ohio next weekend. probably about 250-300 miles, thats a nice litle roadtrip to enjoy on way to a racing event.

Lotta vipers in Ohio close to you; cincy, columbus, west Pa, probably many not to far south of you as well
Contact your local group - there should be a few cool ones to pick out of the bunch...
Hey guys, I just read my original post here and I realize now that it sounds like I'm gay and looking for a partner. I just wanted to reassure you that I am in no way gay. It sounds like there are some people close to me. Maybe I can get together with some of you all and ride up to an event sometime.
Sun Ra Kat, I would really like to see your supercharged car. I read about them on the forums often and have never seen one in person. Centerville isn't far from me at all. I am considering doing some mods eventually and would like some ideas. I'm thinking about keeping it normally aspirated, but maybe a supercharger is the way to go. Any ideas? I've already got K&N smooth tubes and Snake Oyl Exhaust. Basic I know, but it's a start.
If you want to catch up with guys in your general area, come on up to Norwalk like V10 MOJO suggests. Mapquest says its about 250 miles for you. Next weekend; it will be a blast. Just shoot straight up 77 and cut West to Norwalk or if your schedule allows, go out of your way and come a little farther North and catch up with some of the Cleveland area folks who'll probably be heading over together (if we can ever get coordinated on the same page). I think Kenny (SUN RA KAT) will be there (weather permitting) and I know many other Ohio/Indiana/Penn guys who don't post who will be there as well.
PM me if you can make it. Sept 12-14.

Be glad to help you out. I'm coming up to Norwalk. I'm going to a test and tune at the local dragstrip tonight and will hook up with my Viper Tech for drag racing lessons. If you don't make it to Norwalk and want to come to Centerville, I'll be glad to take you for a ride. I think you'll find the Viper is a much better car with a supercharger and being supernaturally aspirated.
I may try to make it to Norwalk. I had plans to go out of town that weekend, but I may see if I can get one of my buddies to ride with me up there. If not i'll definitely be in touch with a few of you all.
plans? what could be better plans then cruising in a viper to a viper/mopar event and even participating if you want to? plans...sheeesh

get your ass up to norwalk and join this dysfunctional group for some racing, beers, and eyecandy
Is there a lot of partying going on at this event and if so are there lots of girls there or is it just a sausage party? I'm kinda hoping it will be crazy with lots of girls wanting guys that have a Viper ya know. I'm kinda in a slump these days. No excuse for that with a Viper is there?
Well. It's still just a huge racing event. There will be a lot of women there, but downtown "big city USA" on a Saturday night it ain't. Aside from the girls that are paid to be there and the ones you might meet at The Teapot in Sandusky, there probably won't be too much to look at that isn't married already.

How old are you? Shortage of hotties in Charleston? Hard to believe that. Either way, you will NOT have a bad time and more likely some excellent stories to tell when you cruise home after the weekend. Not to mention put faces and names to some of the guys that post here and on the other site.
whatever your poison im sure you'll find it if you want it. its gona be an all around good time i guarantee.
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