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Viper Owner Invitational Centerpieces & more for sale...

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Well, I am forced to sell off some of my Viper Owner Invitational stuff from years past. I tried to price this stuff around what I originally paid. Figured I would offer it to my fellow Viper owners first before throwing it on eBay. Shipping is included on purchases totaling $100 or more:

Viper Watch - $25.00

Wine Charms (silver tab is either the original Viper logo or the new one) - $15.00

VOI 7 embroidered hat - $15

VOI 7 Wine Glass - $20

VOI 7 Coasters (I think they are the absorbent stone variety) - $25

VOI 7 Playing Cards (sorry the picture is a little blurry) - $10

VOI 7 Button - $7.00

VOI 7 Bandana - $10

Embroidered, insulated backpack with removable plastic lining (for drinks, etc.) - $75

VOI 7 Banquet Centerpiece (mine does not have the sticker on the car) - $125

I also have the other VOI 7 "3D" Centerpiece - $85

VOI 6 Centerpiece with 1:18 AutoArt Oreca Viper (slight blem on VOI logo on one side of arch) - $150

VOI 7 Commemorative Brass Coins - $30

VOI 7 Cruise Insulated Lunch Cooler - $15

I have some other odds and ends like the silk Viper tie from VOI 6, VOI 6 1:43 Raffle Viper diecast car from Eagle Racing, various T-shirts, and other stuff. Also note that I can and will accept credit cards through PayPal. If anybody is interested in any of these, please e-mail me at [email protected] and let me know ASAP. Thanks!

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what is the 1:43 raffle car? How much? I may be interested.
Craig201MPH said:
what is the 1:43 raffle car? How much? I may be interested.
Each is serial numbered of only 2000 made. The car is based on the very first raffle car which was displayed at VOI 6 in St. Louis. And yes, the real car looked largely like this one. Pretty nice! Oh, and it even has separate (cloth?) five-point seatbelts inside. Not bad for $20...

The following have been sold:

VOI 6 Centerpiece
VOI 7 Coins
VOI 7 Lunch Cooler
VOI T-shirts (all)

I still have a couple of the VOI 6 1:43 raffle diecast and the rest listed above. First come, first served - and thanks!

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