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I've had some questions so here is the schedule.
Friday: (You don't have to make runs Friday if you choose, but if something happens Saturday morning and you don't get a time, you won't be in the Mod 2 program)
Move in to Viper tent 8AM
Note all time trials are Qualifying runs for Mod 2 or other prizes(Street tire et, Fastest stock Viper etc)
Time trials will be run by classes (we have other Mopar classes ie Max Wedge, Hemi, Pro bracket etc) all day.
Vipers will run together and we should get 4 shots at time trials.
Track closes at 6PM. Head to the Lake to party.

Track opens at 8AM
Vipers will get 2 maybe 3 time trials (Qualifying) in the morning.
Mod 2 Shootout round one around 1:30. This race will be run to completion.
Bracket Race starts following Mod 2 Shootout around 3:30. Everyone can run the Bracket Race.

6PM Party at Calvins. (Be sure your RSVP Calvin if your attending [email protected]
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