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Looks like Calvo is set up to dominate! I hope other tuners get in there and make this fun like the good old days!
Calvo will be bringing some really cool transmission options to the table for the event in two of his builds. Like TI, progressive shops come out and unveil new products to the public. Keep an eye on Calvo's camp for some trick stuff!

Driver Roster (3 spots left)

Calvo Motorsports Antonio 5th Gen 900+
Calvo Motorsports Dynosaur (Bryan) 2nd Gen 1000+
Calvo Motorsports 06blackmega (Luis 1 of 2) 3rd Gen 1300+
Calvo Motorsports Matt 5th Gen 1000+
Anthony98GTS (Anthony) 2nd Gen 1000+
D3 Performance Engineering (Ronald "Evan" McDonald) 5th Gen 750+
sneakysnakes (Alex) 4th Gen 600+
Viper Exchange FLATOUT (Andy) 5th Gen 600+
4080 (Timo) 5th Gen 600+
2001gts (Jason) 2nd Gen 450+
Beaumon 5th Gen 540+
Monsta (Joe) Vette 800+
Mullet (Mullet) undisclosed vehicle
Chris P Challenger 825hp+
Chris C (Chris) 2nd Gen 450hp+
meaty69maro (Kevin) Porsche 400
thedimas (Mark) Porsche Porsche 750
06blackmega (Luis 2 of 2) Mustang 1000+
srtjoe (Joe ) Hellcat 900+
Tiago 3 Gen 1500+
Elie 5th Gen 600+
Chuck A C7 1000
Nick A Camaro 520+
Aiyad Grandsport 500+
Crash (William) 5th Gen 580+

Camel Farmer
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Amar, do you have an 07 class? My 07 is the fastest in the world I think-so which class would I be in? Mine is in the trailer loaded now and ready to race!
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