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Yeah, I'd second that guess that he wanted to coax you into taking off so that he could see how well he could keep up, without having the full embarrasment of lining up beside you and quickly falling back when you gassed it.
Maybe he was just a bonehead, impatient tailgater. I get those all of the time in my slower cars and I usually just pull over to let them pass. But in the Viper, I sometimes just gun it (when the road is clear) to make them aware that I can drive faster than they might think. It only takes a second or two to make my point.

But I've a had a couple people catch up to me and actually tell me -with a big smile- that they just wanted to see me floor it (and both times they mentioned that they thought that the Viper was amazingly fast). /images/graemlins/supergrin.gif

I did however have a guy in a red C5 Corvette drive past me at a stoplight and slow up as he passed so that I could see his thumbs-up turn to thumbs-down, in disapproval. I laughed outloud!, which I'm sure was not the response that he had expected to provoke.

But that's the first time that I've had that happen, and I usually get a lot of smiles and waves from Corvette owners.
It's just that a few drivers in general are REALLY intimidated with the Viper, and can't handle it, regardless of what car they drive.

Mostly the jealous ones are painfully obvious in the fact that they are really trying to NOT stare at the Viper, but I usually catch them in the rear or sideview mirror craning their necks to get a look when they think that I can't see them staring.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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