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Viper for sale

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Does anyone know the history of this car?

Is this a good buy?
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That's an excellent deal if the history on it is clean. The buy it now is set at 40K. If only I liked silver...
that car has been for sale on ebay and other places for a long time and has a questionable past from what I remember. do a search on it and see for yourself.

Guy on Vetteforums is selling it...Go there and do a search.. you will get more info...
This guy has been trying to sell it for about 6-7 months. The car has been completely repainted and I think has a salvage title. It has a newer front fascia on it then a 98, so it had to have some damage. (98 fascias have lens over the fog lights.

I didn't realize my car had such an impression on you yesterday /images/graemlins/smile.gif

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That was posted over on, seems the big question is what the car has been through. It was noted several times that it is a 98, yet there are no covers over the driving lights....nor are there any holes for the covers (newer fascia???). Also, the rear fascia is not painted correctly. Also....was silver a 98 color??? He says in the write-up that he "and decided on painting the car the original silver but with more metal flak." Very interesting to say the least.
Silver was a color in 98.

I think LOW 30s would be good for this car. I found my 98 with a clean title for what he is asking.

good to see you back on board...yes, your car did have an impression on me...see, that was the first color on a viper I ever saw and it did inspire me to get one. I later decided on yellow, but that silver rocks. sorry I missed you yesterday and it was good to finally meet you and your wife. Next time you want to drag, let's go have fun at the speedway. please stay in touch.
I posted a response on the Vette forum about this car. I would STAY FAR AWAY from it.

Here is my reasoning in a nutshell:

1) The guy claims "light damage and scrapes and scratches" but from his before pics, the car is tilted to the right. Most likely frame damage, or at the least suspension damage and cracked/missing wheel. Why are there ZERO pics of the right side of the car except for the "after" pics? I think the car had major damage on the right side he is hiding

2) He talks about all the ways the title can be washed. Not good, IMO. This is an experienced guy. He probably buys wrecked cars and fixes them up for re-sale. He claims he "doesn't know" why the title shows salvage since it was "just scratches and scrapes". Ins. co's dont do totals for no reason, that car was TOTALED. he says maybe the buyer refused to get the work done and it got totaled. That is a LIE - they do NOT total for that reason! It was totaled because the cost to fix was more than their threshhold. In other words - major damage.

3) The frame is dented up and does not look straight to me in some of the pics. Furthermore, there is some sort of metal bracing that was added under the car. In other words, it looks like a hack job of a repair, not a quality "all OEM parts" job. If there is one place you don't skimp, it's frame repair. Thats where he skimped.

4) He claims he "decided" to get it painted to remove the horrible orange peel. BS! I've NEVER seen a Viper with a bad case of orange peel. My silver 98 had a flawless paint job. it was totally painted because it NEEDED totally painted. And he says "all panels were removed" but in the "during" pics you see the car being painted all taped up - so what's the real story? i think he got a medium quality paint job on the thing. His own pics contradict his story.

I think this is a good LOOKING car, that was probably made to LOOK nice but has some serious mechanical stuff going on. I would stay 1000 miles away from this deal.
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thanks. I've seen this car before and I thought it was a bit suspect. I knew others would know. thanks for the keen eye.
Makaha said:

thanks. I've seen this car before and I thought it was a bit suspect. I knew others would know. thanks for the keen eye.
No prob... you have good taste, silver is BY FAR the best color /images/graemlins/smile.gif

Hey, do you still have CarFax? I just found the VIN on one of my old cars I have to get a report for to prove I don't own it anymore so I can get them to stop HARASSING me about excise tax! Just before I shell out $20 I figured maybe you have it still
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I think I still have it, give me the vin and I'll run it. I believe it is active for 1 month. Yes, silver is nice....but something about that damn squash yellow colored viper, you know? /images/graemlins/smile.gif
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Yellow is a horrible color - yellow Vipers are worth nothing. Why don't you just sell it for whatever you can get and get out while you can. Tell you what, you're a nice guy, I'll trave you even up for my 88 Vette. Hell, I'm SO nice I'll throw in $5k!

/images/graemlins/smile.gif Just playing!

here is the VIN


It's an old beater, I'm sure it has accident damage or whatever. Is there any way you could print it or take a screenshot? I need some sort of "hard copy" I can take to the DMV to prove I sold the car when I say i did.

Thanks man! My email is [email protected] If I can do anything to return the favor, let me know and it's done!
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Yellow has a funny thing to it. Yesterday when Makaha were at the carshow / autocross, we had a local hiphop guy approach us about getting the cars in a video. He saw Makaha's car first and approached him. The guy was standing right next to my silver GTS and I am not sure he even noticed it. Granted, the hood was up and I was in the middle of changing the race tires to street. I thought it was kinda funny.

I originally wanted a yellow one, but the silver just jumped out at me....had to have it!

What was that hiphop guy's name anyways? I have never heard of him.

It's going to be that darude video "I can feel the beat" all over again...yellow rt10. call me this week and come and let's drag.
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