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I think you need to get into contact with RSI. They hold a lot of the records also.

All motor (SW)10.0x @139.x MPH and may faster than that but I don' think they have reached the 9's yet but they are knocking on the door. They almost never post any numbers.

Fastests 6 speed run (RSI)9.4x @150.x MPH, ran with NOS maybe faster but they never post.

Fastest blower (Heffner)with 6 speed 9.90 @ 143.x MPH. I would also like to know what the fastest (record)MPH a blower only has gone. Maybe heffner holds that record with the 9.90 pass. I think DLM ran at 151MPH with blower and NOS.

I would also like to know the records(ET and MPH) for mod 1,mod2, and stock. I think most of the records will be broken if the weather holds out.

A web page on each site (alley and morgue) with this info would be great! The only problem is not all tuners/owners post their times. Maybe some place to post their timeslips and possible video.

You might want to break up the et between 6 speeds and autos. I think I read a post where RSI was bringing a blower car with an auto that looks sick. I am sure he will set a record.

Hennessey holds many of the records and will probably still hold alot of them unless SVS decides to make it to the event. I don't know if SVS can beat their time but it would surely be exciting watching them try.

I don't think the 156MPH trap speed will be broken for a while unless Hennessey breaks it with the same car. I do think there will be a several 9 second blower passes and a few 9 second turbo passes. I don't think anyone will beat the RSI 9.4x pass with a 6 speed unless they beat their own time.

TNT might hold a record or two but they also don't post too often. They seem to always bring a runner that pulls mid 9's.

Sorry for rambling... I am very excited to finally meet everyone and watch the records fall.
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