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Viper CC for sale.

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THAT CAR IS SO FINE!! :hitit: :hitit: :hitit: :hitit: :hitit: :hitit: :hitit: :hitit: :hitit:

If Dodge ever builds a Coupe version that looks like this, they will be loved by many. :nod: Imagine that bastard with the Purners. OH YEAH BABY!! :thumb: /images/graemlins/headbang.gif :thumb:
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I think that's the car they used for Gran Turismo 4.
ya, can't wait for the coupe in street form to be released.
What I would give to swing a trade up to that. I have a thing for the black ladies...
I thought somebody on .morgue claimed the Taisan Comp Coupe was actually a GTS-R with custom body panels to make it look like a CC... ?

Or was that a different car? (The one above *is* a Taisan car which is why I ask.)
That's a different car. The Taisan "Comp Coupe" that is currently being campaigned in Asia IS a rebodied GTS-R. You can see the reworked body with fender flares, etc. in the other pictures. A comp coupe would not be competitive in that series.

This car appears to be new / not yet raced - with the Chassis Number of 40 - Number 43 was only delivered 3 or 4 weeks ago. This information about the rebodied GTS-R is the result of a personal conversation with the Comp Coupe Project manager at PVO.
Cool. I thought I was you that replied on the other site (I was the one who mentioned the photos there looked a little un-comp-coupeish... ouch, what a phrase) but I wasn't sure. Thanks.
I inquired about this car several weeks ago as I've been looking to retire my GTS from track duty and get into a CC. The car is located in the San Diego area at The car is brand new and (according to the salesman and we all know how that goes) has never seen the track. It was ordered so that it could be a show car. The salesman went on to tell me that they've sold 2 other CC's and that if I wanted to order a new one to my specs that he could get it done. I liked the car and especially the paint job, but the asking price was still too high and he wasn't really willing to lower it. In regards to the Taisan car that was seen on the VCA it is a Viper GTSR with custom body panels to resemble the CC. There is a big difference between a real GTSR and a CC as far as performance. A real GTSR can have close to 750-800 HP and will walk the CC on the track. The GTSR is a purpose-built race car made from a tube chassis and is a distant cousin to the street Vipers. They are about as much a Viper as Jeff Gordon's Winston Cup Monte Carlo is to the one at your Chevy dealer. However, for the money and performance the CC can't be beat. If you have doubts, remember what PMUM did to all the factory teams at Laguna Seca. He beat the factory teams, who's cars were up to 4 X's as expensive as the CC. I'd love to purchase a real GTSR (the McCanns Bros is for sale on the VCA) but the upkeep is just too costly.
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I have heard a lot of good things about symbolic and some of the people who work there know so much about race, vintage and exotic cars its scary.

I have talked with a few of them as well...they know their stuff.
The ad didn't say what they were asking. RedSled...what was the asking price?
I believe it was $130K + options or whatever the current price
from PVO is.
I wouldn't mind it. I'd need it in a diffent color though, I already have a black viper.
If you want one just call the guys at PVO ( or call us and we will get you hooked up ). No Dealer is selling these ( though we gave Dodge over 20+ deposits ), so I have a problem with buying them from a Broker. Go direct to Dodge and PVO and cut out the middleman.You can not order one from a broker and get a better deal - pretty simple as these are non franchised cars, and the factory is the one that supports you. Good luck and enjoy.
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