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IN the Thread "GTS's under $40k ?? Do they exist ??" I made mention that I was thinking of selling my car. No where else did I post this. Well in about two hours I was flooded with questions and within two weeks the car was sold.
So all the talk off the GenII market being soft is crap. If the car is solid and being described properly then you will get what is being asked for..
Thanks guys it has been one hell of a ride and I will be back once my son gets through this bump in the road!!!!! /images/graemlins/smiles


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As the purchaser of the GTS in this post, I must say that the car was as described. I had been searching for a pre-2000 GTS for about 12 months. Patience has paid off. The car already has every cosmetic and mechanical mod that I had planned to do and is in great shape. Many thanks to 98GTS silver bullet for his help with hotel selection, picking me up from the airport, having a GREAT CAR, making sure I had the best route back to Virginia, etc.

Also, I am sure that your son will do well with your support.
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