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In the Viper magazine I just got today in the mail, there was an ad for a VIPAIR cold air induction system that claims 10 to 24 RWHP. Anybody ever try this, and does it actually do anything???
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there is a 60 page thread on .org about it, and i think it turned out that nothing was gained by it. i hate to say go read that, b/c i dont think anybody should have to suffer through that bullshit. but, basically there was dyno testing, nothing was gained, and everybody told him how he did the dyno testing wrong. it's like 200 bucks right? fuck, worth a shot i guess. and, i think it has a money back guarantee.
Its a piece of plastic that may actually have some value once the car is rolling - but none of the geniuses that invented it were smart enough to go out and prove it. Instead they got some stock Gen 2 Viper and somehow got it to dyno 380 rw hp. Then they added the Vipe-Error and gained an incredible 20 rw hp to get 400 rw hp. I guess they didnt realize that most bone stock Gen 2 Vipers make 400-410 rw hp.

Like I said, the product may actually help once there is air flowing. But you are not going to see a gain on the dyno.
very well put John. i love their strategy /images/graemlins/laughing.gif
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Thanks guys, I just went and read thru about a third of the crap posted and grew tired of the expert opinions. I have more confidence in the responses I got here in the last 10 minutes, than in the month long debate they had. Thanks for the follow up, I had a feeling it was just another way to waste my money
All the BS made me lose interest in one.
if you look at it and read its description, you realize it CANT do shit on a dyno, period. at speed though it may offer some increase as it does make sense as far as what its rationale is for increasing power.
Read JH's and Redsnake's posts and then read no more. I swear if this thread get's to 2 pages I'll ban all of you!

Just for you City /images/graemlins/laughing.gif

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What is City going to do???
he says he wants you to make sure this thread becomes at least two pages and he says he doesnt think you got the sack to do it /images/graemlins/supergrin.gif
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Craig201MPH said:
What is City going to do???
He is one of those rare and elusive things called a "moderator". /images/graemlins/laughing.gif

He could wave his wand and ban the lot of us. :lolcry:

But then who would be here to help him spend money on Ebay? :rofl:

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how many posts for 2 pages do we need???? :kick: :nuts: :fight: :bonk: :slap: :squint: :eatpop: /images/graemlins/moon3
logic dictates that it can only work at speed.........period!
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how many posts for 2 pages do we need???? :kick: :nuts: :fight: :bonk: :slap: :squint: :eatpop: /images/graemlins/moon3
logic dictates that it can only work at speed.........period!
Not sure how many pages but maybe if we used the Vipe-Error we could get there faster. :nod:

Info from the maker: Dramatically increase airflow to your
engine with this Dyno proven patented
Vipair System. Follow lead from Leman's
to SCCA Vipers which utilize airflow
from the front Facia instead of the Naca
Duct. This proven system utilizes both the
Facia and Naca Duct for airflow. This is a must
for all Vipers - $199
If you bunch of delinquents can make this about my wand, well then that's fine! /images/graemlins/supergrin.gif Take it to multiple pages!

But I'll ban and then murder all of you (lookie there...personal threats /images/graemlins/laughing.gif ) if you fawking "discuss" the possible HP benefits derived from a plastic add-on windbreaking fart adjuster! /images/graemlins/jackoff
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ban him
I could see how this "may" work, but who here has tried it and tested it to quantify the results?


Page two coming up

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I am starting to feel bad for asking....didn't mean to cause such a fuss /images/graemlins/freak
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