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Vipair-anybody here tried it yet?

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Has anybody installed Viper Med's $200 air deflector that is supposed to give you 16 to 24 RWHP?
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How close were your dyno pulls (were they back to back)? This seems like a fairly basic concept that is SIMILAR to the cold air packages they use for the vettes (only the vettes put an airbox on top of the area the "VIPAIR" covers. To me it seems that a lot of his other stuff is kind of a "knockoff", but maybe this piece will work. A while ago I ordered his guage pod for the B pillar and it didnt fit at all. LEft a huge gap around the window frame, it didnt seem like it was made for the viper, so I havnet ordered anything else.
Oops, yeah I meant A pillar...bastages /images/graemlins/laughing.gif

BTW how much is that vipair thing?
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Hmmm for $200 you cant go wrong. Wish they sold one without that damned logo. Id even pay an extra $100 if they could make it out of something trick like carbon fiber. That logo is just fugly.
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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