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Veyron vid

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Veyron on track

Sounds like a freakin' F16 on the back straight!!!!!! :bowdown:
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Can't wait to see/hear it...

but unless you are a paid up member - bring a packed lunch. My DSL which can download at 2MB per second is taking 2.5KB per sec - meaning a 3 HOUR download - that's slow even for a dial up, let alone a DSL...

this site is unbelievably slow, at least for me. /images/graemlins/sad
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Finally got it - downloaded while finsihing off a prospectus till 3am... /images/graemlins/sad

Good video! Man that thing accelerates - it has brilliant speed - not so good brakes - unless the driver was just being over cautious. Sound was ok - couldn't turn up the sound with the woofer yet as everyone was asleep - will try again tonight when I get home - sounds like it will be a good un!
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Yeah, the main pipe is really slow in an attempt to encourage folks to go for the membership. The membership DLs are quick - I averaged 390 k/sec and it took about 80 seconds. Cable modem...

The membership is $5 a month so I do it. Cheap and I get about 30~40 vids a month.

(30-40 car vids a month is worth a McDonalds value meal to me)
Turned the sound up - wow.... that thing sounds awesome - it's a bit muffled but the note is there.... can you imagine it with an aftermarket exhaust to unmuffle it? A sound all of its own! :nod: You can hear the turbos spool up too /images/graemlins/smiles
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Hey barry can you email me the veyron video and I will host it on my website? [email protected]
No problem - have emailed myself a note when I get home tonight.
can't get it to work, so I will take your word for it.
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