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Venom Twin Turbo SRT: 713 rwhp & 757 rw tq

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We were able to make our first real dyno test on our 2003 SRT TT today. The Gen 3 motor is totally stock with 140 miles on it and boost was set at 6.2 psi. The first dyno pull made 735 rw hp and 775 rw tq. But this run was inadvertently deleted from the dyno. The second pull made 713 rw hp and 757 rw tq. Here is the dyno sheet from that run. I will try to upload the video later.

This car was driven to and from the dyno shop - a total of about 40 miles round trip.

We have only just begun our testing process with the Gen 3 twin turbo. We will keep everyone updated on this package as it progresses.

Have a nice weekend.

PS - Trey, the AC is so cold in this car that you will need to wear 2 pairs of underwear if you ride in this car. /images/graemlins/smile.gif
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Those are pretty STRONG numbers especially on just 6psi. Imagine what that thing will do when the boost gets turned up with later development! :thumbs: That torque number is VERY strong.
Congrats John those numbers are strong in deed. I look forward to hearing how the tunning goes and what you will be able to sqweeze out of her after all is said and done.
Sorry for the large file size on the dyno sheet. I will scale it down later on. Got 5 kids that want to see dad right now, so got to go.
[color:"red"] DAMN [/color] :thumb: Only 6psi....How high can it safely go on that stock motor?Psi that is...
Monster numbers there, John. Please do NOT bring that thing to Norwalk next year - I want a fair chance at beating whatever you do bring.

you have a roe r/c right? have you been happy with it and is it as dramatic of a change as when you drove a normal car and then drove the viper?
Cool beans - can't wait to see the next update!
735 rw hp and 775 rw tq.!!!! Time for some Sticky rubber on the car!
Snakebit - this motor is stock for now but it will soon become a 522 stroker with upgraded pistons, rods, etc. so this puts us in a position to push the limits of the stock motor since its going to get upgraded anyway. i really dont want to start throwing out numbers, but let me just say that i hope that i am able to keep everybody stirred up with this car. so we will do our best to push the power envelope as much as we can.

kenny - you guys got some way fast cars in OH, so we will need all the power we can bring next year. tell the OH boys howdy from us texas hillbillies. yall need to get jack b and the rest of the crew and come down to san antonio on dec. 7. there will be more 9 & 10 sec. vipers there than anywhere.

Nexus - we will have this car along with our 522 cid SRT at a N. Texas Viper meeting soon. Come say hello and I will take you for a brief "death ride".

Spray - the car actually hooks up pretty good on the street. But if we are able to get it to river city one of these days, it would be nice to put some tires on it to see what it will run. hopefully we will find out sooner or later.

thanks to all for the kind words.
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so what type of pistons and rods yopu gonna put in there?
JE pistons, Manley Pro rods.
how do je pistons differ from stock forged(is it a better forged alloy)? the manley pro rod?
FAST? said:
how do je pistons differ from stock forged(is it a better forged alloy)? the manley pro rod?
Aftermarket forged pistons can be tailored for the specific application. Ring spacing can be different to allow for more boost (moved away from the piston top). They can be dished for reduced compression. They are typically quite a bit stronger than the stock forged pistons.
Good solid figures at 6lb John!

The 522 version at higher boost should really lay down some big numbers. Look forward to seeing results.
We will dyno the car again this coming week. We will bring along Smokin or somebody else who can verify the boost during the run for who ever keeps track of those kinds of things. More boost is coming soon along with some trips to the track.

FYI, this car will eventually get an auto trans as well. So you will be hearing about it quite a bit over the next several months.
What kind off trouble is it putting an auto trans in vipers and what do you use(Tourqueflyte, hydromatic??)Or do you only put in the drag preped powerglydes?
Nohs - the details on our 2 different auto trans conversions are on our website. The SRT will be getting the 4-speed street set-up which should be good for mid 9's. The 2-speed powerglide is a dedicated drag race auto that has a trans brakes and that is what we used to get into the 8's. There is nothing like a turbo car with an automatic when it comes to hole shots at the dragstrip.
FAST? said:
how do je pistons differ from stock forged(is it a better forged alloy)? the manley pro rod?
The '03 has cast pistons stock.
Congrats on the numbers John, and I hope everything continues to go well for you. The curve seems smooth, but not nearly as smooth as a Levin/Heffner SC graph. Not a slam at all, but is the power delivery real linear? It looks like a lot of mini spikes that need to be addressed.

Definitly keep us posted when you crank the boost :thumb:.

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